Rent a Sporty, Exotic Mercedes McLaren 650S Coupe

Posted on Jul 20, 2017 in Tourism

Are you tempted by the power of a super-charged sports car? Do you love the idea of driving around with over 600 horsepower in a luxurious, stylish, traffic-stopping car? Then rent a Mercedes McLaren 650S Coupe.

The price range for this engineered marvel is over $250,000. But, do not think that because that price is out of your range you cannot actually sit in this incredible vehicle never mind drive it around some of the most fabulous locations in the world.

The engineers at McLaren stated that this was the vehicle they should have designed at the start. The visual appeal of the car is just the first aspect of it that lures people towards it and would make you a star in Cannes.

Its seven-speed clutch with dual gearbox makes it incredibly fast to shift so that you can really feel the horsepower engage as you cruise along any road. You will feel like a racing pro with the Formula One inspired rocker-shift paddle on the steering wheel that lets you take total control of your speed.

Not so sure you want to race around from gear to gear? Then, simply put the car on automatic. It is the perfect way to get around the world’s classiest cities.

The car has both an exterior and interior appearance that is nothing short of breathtaking. The design from the inside is smart, though. You can be impressed by the car but not distracted from driving.

The dashboard is placed at a logical level, and the steering wheel is elegant in its simple design. It is uncluttered and there is a low cowl that house the V8 engine. This allows you to see with no obstructions.

You can even see the front wheels clearly from your seat when you drive. This makes this sports car easy to place in reverse or park. You still get sports-car speed and performance as well as style and luxury. McLaren did nothing but splurge on adding in entertainment, media and communication systems. You even get access to SIRIUS whether you are driving in Europe or the USA.

If buying a Mercedes McLaren 650S Coupe is out of your range, do not put the idea of driving it out of your mind. You can rent it for a day or a week and get to pull up like racing royalty to your hotel or a restaurant. You will look like the party emcee when you drive up to a nightclub valet or to a special event.

See about renting a Mercedes McLaren 650S Coupe now whether you plan to travel outside your country to an exotic city or you want to have a taste of sports luxury just for a weekend jaunt. Your rental will come with GPS and insurance.

Have your rental dropped off to you at your hotel or pick it up at your desired location and then, with the power of the McLaren’s impeccable design, get ready to turn heads and corners with incredible power and luxury.